Visiting the dentist in mobile alabama may not be at the top of anyone’s list. However, as we move deep into modern medicine today, patients and dental professionals alike have found that there is a good rule of thumb to follow when it comes to visiting your dentist. In the past, patients used to visit their dentists only when there was something wrong, and in this time dentists typically only performed emergency treatment as needed.

Today, dentists recommend you visit their office for routinely for preventative care in order to eliminate the potential for unnecessary pain and infection. Visiting the dentist twice a year has worked for many patients across the nation, as calculus and tartar deposits can begin to form during this time, which contributes to gum disease. In some instances, you may need to see your dentist every 3-4 months if you buildup tartar deposits more rapidly and develop gum inflammation prior to your 6 month appointment.

Review the list below for the category of patients that may need to visit the dentist a bit more than twice a year.

  1. People with diabetes
  2. Pregnant women
  3. Patients with past or present gum disease
  4. Patients who are more prone to get cavities
  5. People who smoke or use any tobacco products

Unfortunately, even if you take great care of your teeth and gums at home, you may need professional consultation and treatment to ensure you do not get cavities. However, it can surely help your chances to avoid these ailments. When you visit your dentist, he or she will give you helpful tips to follow to maintain adequate at home oral hygiene. You may be given advice specific to your dental needs that you should follow when cleaning your teeth that may be different from others. Talk to your dentist about your questions and issues or concerns you may have.

During each visit, your dentist will perform a standard three-step procedure. Your dentist will first take some x-rays to evaluate if these is any disease process either in your teeth or in your jaw that may be missed with the naked eye. Then, your dentist or hygienist will thoroughly clean your teeth to get rid of all plaque and tartar buildup that may have been deposited since your last visit. Once your teeth are cleaned, your dentist will perform another check to see if your teeth have any cavities or if you’re showing any signs of periodontal gum disease. If your dentist sees any issues during this checkup, it is wise to perform the treatments he or she may recommend immediately as to avoid any negative outcomes in the future.

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