If you have a dental appointment that is quickly approaching, you may be wondering exactly what a dentist mobile al does. It can make a patient nervous thinking about exactly what the dentist will be doing in your mouth during that hour in the office. It can be beneficial to know exactly what to expect at your appointment in order to ease your anxiety about visiting the dentist. Check out the list below to read up on what is typically done during a standard dental visit.

  1. X-rays: X-rays are to be performed on all patients in order to catch an issue that may be otherwise be missed by the naked eye. Do not worry, these x-ray machines have little radiation exposure. The dentist will still lay a lead apron on top of all patients as an added layer of protection from the x-ray machine. The x-rays typically give the best diagnostics when it comes to finding issues with your teeth or jawbone. This is a routine procedure and should be performed every six months to one year on every patient.
  2. Cleaning: Next, your dentist/hygienist will perform a routine cleaning that will remove any and all plaque and tartar buildup that may have been deposited on your teeth. There are many methods that hygienists employ to perform the cleaning, ranging from hand instruments to ultrasonic scalers. The cleaning will leave your mouth feeling and smelling fresh.
  3. Fluoride Treatment: Once the teeth have been brushed, scaled, and cleaned the dentist will then perform a fluoride treatment. Fluoride treatment is typically used to strengthen a patient’s tooth enamel which can help strengthen teeth and protect them from future cavities. A fluoride treatment is used among patients of all ages.
  4. Examination: The dentist will then perform an examination of the teeth to check to see if the patient has any cavities or any signs of gum disease. This would be a great opportunity to discuss any questions or concerns that you may have about your oral health.
  5. Home Education: Once the x-rays, cleaning and and examination are finished, your dentist will then go over some tips and tricks on how to keep your teeth and gums clean at home. The dental professional can go over specific home care details on how to have a good dental hygiene routine.

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