If it has been a while since your last dental visit, it may be tough to remember exactly what happens during a dental visit. Generally, there are a few basic tasks that need to be performed before the dentist starts working on your mouth. During most dental visits, a checkup is standard as it can help you and your teeth stay healthier for longer and can catch any bacterial formation or decay before it starts to develop.

Here is what you can expect during a standard dental visit. The points listed below are typically very regular but can vary in execution depending on the dentist’s technology and form of methods.

  1. X-Rays: In the past, X-rays were typically done on patients that may be riskier when it comes to diseases or symptoms. These patients may have been harboring symptoms depending on their age and issues in the mouth. In today’s modern medicine, an x-ray is always performed during a standard dental visit. An x-ray can notice and diagnose issues that may be hard to see with the naked eye. The digital x-ray machines that are used today have little radiation unlike those from the past. A dentist will still place a lead apron on every patient as an added layer of protection.
  2. Cleaning: In standard dental checkups, this treatment may not be performed by your dentist but perhaps a dental hygienist. The dental professional will start by removing any plaque or tartar buildup that may be located between your gum line and your teeth, which can cause cavities, gum disease, bad breath and more. The treatment is performed using a number of special dental tools that will scale, brush, and clean nearly every corner of your mouth. Cleanings are typically recommended every six months.
  3. Examination: Once your teeth are clean and free of plaque and tartar buildup, your dental professional will then perform a full examination. During the exam your dentist will check each tooth for cavities, as well as look for signs of gum disease or serious bacterial infections. If the dentist notices an issue that needs to be treated immediately, it's recommended to make an appointment to address the issue. If the dental issue goes unnoticed, or if it goes untreated, it can flourish into a more significant issue in the future that may cost more money, more time, and perhaps a bit more pain.

After this standard three-step procedure is finished, your dentist will either recommend a treatment plan for issues that may have come up during the examination. If the dentist has time that day, he or she will recommend the treatment be done immediately. As mentioned above, if a dental issue goes untreated they can turn into something much worse than what it may be at the moment. It’s important to remember that your dental professional has your best health in mind.

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